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Starting in 2004, VVOB’s project focused on teacher training and curriculum development for maths and physics at the Regional Teacher Training Centre of Kampong Cham province. By training the teacher trainers on teaching methodology, subject knowledge and material development, the student teachers directly benefit and provide an improved quality education in lower secondary schools. A lot of attention was given to implementing a more learner centred education, including conducting experiments. The project also focused on the development of teaching manuals on maths and physics to align with the new curriculum.

As part of the project, a laboratory was set up and equipped at the Regional Teacher Training Centre of Kampong Cham. Maths and Physics Teachers were trained on how to use the lab and conduct experiments in their daily classes. The teachers and teacher trainers also learned how to produce their own self-made, low-cost materials to support their teaching. This clearly makes the learning process a much more enjoyable and stimulating experience for the students.

By organising yearly science events, the 12 pilot schools managed to increase the involvement of parents in their children’s education. As part of the project, also the school directors were trained to follow-up and support teaching and learning activities of the teachers. Finally, during the last phase of the project, the efforts focused on mainstreaming the results nationwide to maths and physics teachers at the other five Regional Teacher Training Centres. Hereby the project’s indirect target group was expanded to the students of all RTTCs and their practice schools.

The project was handed over to the partner in 2008 and was positively evaluated by a team of external evaluators including members of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.