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VVOB’s Open Resource Centre (ORC) project was set up in 2006 as an extension of the project on Learner Centred Methodology. Implemented at the Provincial Teacher Training Centres in Siem Reap and Kampong Cham, its objective was to offer teachers the possibility to develop (digital) teaching materials and to use them to support new education methodologies. ICT and multimedia formed a major component in this project. This is based on the approach that ICT allows the different players in the educational field to develop teaching and learning resources and to teach and learn in a more learner centred way.

The activities were directed to the teacher trainers and teachers, but the final beneficiaries were the student teachers. By focusing on the Provincial Teacher Training Centre, there will be a continuous improved training for the future primary school teachers.

As a result of the project, a computer room was set up for student teachers and teacher trainers in the teacher trainer college. Internet connection is available, as well as an online database with teaching materials. These resources have become import tools for the preparation of classes, self-study and computer lessons.

The project also focused on the development as well as the use of teaching materials to implement learner centred methodology. To this effect, a DVD box with teaching examples was created in collaboration with our Learner Centred Development project. Other examples include educational games, exercises, pictures, lesson plans, worksheets, educational software, and so on. Also visual aids for use in classrooms, such as interactive educational banners, were put together.

Every teacher’s dream:  Finally, in order to promote the ORC activities and materials to a broader target group, an interactive, website was developed at This educational portal contains information about activities and a database with downloadable materials collected by the project team and developed by the different target groups. With KROU.ORG teachers and teacher trainers have a platform where they can exchange materials over the internet, upload and download teaching resources, tools, good practices and so on. The publication of these materials on the web portal happens with the approval of the Ministry of Education, allowing them to be distributed to other PTTCs nationwide.

The project was handed over to the partner in 2009 (including a computer room with 20 computers) and was positively evaluated by a team of external evaluators including members of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.