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We want a sustainable world based on equal opportunities through quality education.

We achieve this by technical assistance and by nurturing and developing relations between education organisations in developing countries, Flanders and Europe through processes of exchanging experiences, developing education expertise and awareness raising regarding the importance of education for development.


  • We contribute to greater internal and external solidarity in developing countries as well as in Flanders and Europe by increasing the support for quality education as an engine for development and equal opportunities.
  • We focus on results in the quality of education by providing technical assistance to reinforce the capacities of ministries of education, service-providing education institutions and teacher training in developing countries. 

In these fields we achieve sustainable results by: ​

  • aligning our work with the local education policy;
  • developing education expertise based on know-how from developing countries and through exchange with Flemish and European bodies;
  • stimulating cooperation between education institutions in Flanders, Europe and developing countries.


  • Quality in achievements and learning
  • Integrity in professional relations and in leadership
  • Respect for local policies, people and planet
  • Commitment to quality education for all
  • Innovation in facing complex challenges