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What we do

VVOB is a Belgian Flemish organisation which focuses on Education for Development. VVOB’s main goal is to sustainably improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of education and training in developing countries. Its moto “Education for Development” reveals its overall ambition to contribute to a fairer world with increased opportunities for all.

How we do it

Quality Education is a fundamental human right. The government of a country – duty bearer in human rights jargon – carries the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the right to quality education is fulfilled for every child. This is why we partner with local authorities in all our efforts; We provide technical assistance to reinforce the capacities of Ministries of Education, its affiliations at local levels, and other education service providing institutions in developing countries.  

We have achieved sustainable results by aligning our work with the local education policy and developing education expertise based on strong partnerships with education organisations in the countries we work, and also in Flanders and Europe.

VVOB is based in Belgium and works in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Rwanda, South Africa, Suriname and Zambia. The organization was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization. It started working in Vietnam in 1992 and since 2012 has channeled all its focus and efforts in the education sector. VVOB largely operates with funds granted by the Belgian and Flemish governments, and other funders such as the European Union, the ELMA Foundation, UNICEF, Brookings Institutions, and the Schneider Foundation. Worldwide, the organization counts about 150 driven employees, including 11 in Vietnam.

Our values

  • Quality in achievement and learning
  • Integrity in professional relations and in leadership
  • Respect for local policies, people and planet
  • Commitment to quality education for all
  • Innovation in facing complex challenges