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This manual consists of 37 chemistry experiments that will help students to understand the main concepts outlined in the regional teacher training curriculum for secondary education. Each experiment includes objectives, a link to the lesson in the textbook for lower secondary education, needed materials, experiment procedure, observations, an explanation, conclusion, and additional questions.

  • Chapter 1 Mixtures and Solutions, contains 11 experiments.
  • Chapter 2 Chemical Reactions contains, 17 experiments.
  • Chapter 3 Surface Tension and Adhesion, contains 3 experiments.
  • Chapter 4 Polar and Non-polar Molecules and Density, contains 1 experiment.
  • Chapter 5 Electrochemistry, contains 1 experiment.
  • Chapter 6 Polymers, contains 4 experiments.

This first edition is published in 2013 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia with the support of VVOB.