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Part 1

Teacher Trainer's manual on Student Centred Approaches (SCA) in Science Education - Part 1 (of 3) - Khmer version

Chapter 1 Developing Active Reading and Writing Skills

This chapter presents 10 teaching techniques to stimulate reading comprehension and writing skills with your students. These techniques will enable to teachers to provide active learning opportunities for students.

Chapter 2 Developing Reasoning Skills

This chapter introduces a set of techniques that stimulate students to express what they have learned in their own words and to form their own opinion about scientific issues. In this way, the techniques promote deeper understanding of the science content.

Chapter 3 Teaching the Scientific Method
First this chapter presents the concepts of the scientific method framework, and then introduces 8 teaching activities that are useful to integrate the scientific method in lessons.  

This first edition is published in 2013 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia with the support of VVOB.