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Effective classroom management paves the way for teachers to engage the students in learning. Simply put, classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to ensure that their classroom runs smoothly and every student learns what is expected from teacher.  


This series of videos illustrates how teachers apply effective classroom management in Cambodian schools: 

  1. Short term support and continuous support activities 
  2. Seating arrangement for positive impact on student behaviour 
  3. Flexible group arrangement  
  4. Things to do before leaving your classroom 
  5. Classroom set-up 
  6. Time management, including students who are late to class and bathroom breaks 
  7. Differentiated instruction 
  8. Classroom talk technique: doughnut sharing 
  9. Teaching outside the classroom 
  10. Classroom Management before a break 
  11. Engaging fast finishers in other activities  
  12. Monitoring in your classroom: attendance and group work 
  13. Peer support 
  14. Flexible grouping for a large group of students 

The Strengthening Math Results and Teaching (SMART) programme focusses on effective classroom management, contributing to the quality of teaching and better learning outcomes for every learner. The short video clips have been developed to show examples on how to use classroom management techniques in teaching. They cover five topics: differentiation, flexible grouping, positive discipline, time and space management.