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Our SMART programme, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and the Ministry of Environment, encourages school leaders to act together with their teachers, pupils and community members to make their school environmentally conscious and active. The school leaders really make a difference within their school, by actively involving the teaching staff and students in this green process. We hope this lead to a change that will reach beyond the school gates into the homes and community of the teachers and pupils.

One action is the provision of a small grant, by which the Teacher Education Colleges and 12 target schools in Phnom Penh and Battambang started transforming their schools into child-friendly eco-schools. We visited Anlong Vil Primary School and Samdach Chea Sim Primary School, both in Battambang province. We’re proud to share their experiences from the school leaders, teachers and pupils with you.

Green playgrounds

Sophanmay (12-year-old girl) and Panha (11-year-old boy) go to Anlong Vil Primary School. Proudly, they guided us around their playground. In the past weeks, adjustments have been made and they were happy to take us around. They showed us their new renovated classroom yards and the new produced banners with environmental slogans. 

I enjoy the beautiful yards. They’re fresh and it motivates me to come to school. The slogans explain how to manage waste and how to protect the school yard. I will educate my peers to look after the yards.
Panha, 11-year-old boy, Anlong Vil Primary School

Ms. Kang Khemarath, grade 5 teacher, also expressed her pride over the achievements made regarding the eco-school program implementation at her school. She stressed that the schools looked nicer than before after the eco-school program had been implemented. Teachers like the beautiful classroom yards and the education messages on environment are very useful to teach our pupils.

Next to building an oven, Environment Education was also a part of the grant activities. They educated their students on developing positive behaviour changes concerning the school and community environment. Students have changed their behaviour since they are aware of how to manage the wastes and they take care of the school environment.

We enjoyed the environment-promoting activities and I hope more trees grow in our school.
Ms. Nhem Chumneang, teacher grade 1, Samdach Chea Sim Primary School