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On Friday 19th May 2017, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and VVOB welcomed subject group leaders, teacher training centres’ directors, primary school directors, task force members and ministry staff to the first planning and coordination meeting of the SMART programme. The goal of the meeting was to familiarise the target groups and stakeholders with the programme, discuss tasks and responsibilities and finish with a joint planning for the rest of the year.

An element in the educational reform

The meeting was officially opened by MoEYS official Dr. Dy Samsideth, leader of the work group that is responsible for the development of the Teacher Policy Action Plan (TPAP). The TPAP is a multiyear plan that means to bring Cambodian education into the 21st century. Dr. Dy Samsideth calls it an ambitious plan that acts on many different fronts. A reform of the directors’ standards, a reform of the teacher training curriculum into a 4-year bachelor, the development of Teacher Educator Provider Standards and the establishment of a Teacher Career Pathway are all elements in the educational reform that will bring Cambodian education closer to the inspiring level of several ASEAN countries.

Dr. Dy Samsideth continued to support the SMART programme: “The SMART programme is very relevant as it helps to realise the aspirations of the TPAP. The goals set out in the SMART programme are ambitious as well, but they are valid and focused. It is our role to stimulate educational staff to dare to discuss, dare to experiment and dare to change teaching and learning.”

Big expectations matched with solid engagement

The stakeholders and the target group are ready for the tasks ahead. During the meeting a group exercise showed that when it comes to expectations all target groups and stakeholders are on the same page. Beside strengthening their own competences and building experience, their main interest and expectations lie primarily in reaching the results of the programme and improve the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics for all children in primary education.

Next week the taskforces are coming together for their first task force meeting and will start the development of teaching manuals on mathematics and classroom management.


Programme in a nutshell

Strengthening Math Results and Teaching (SMART) 2017-2021

Target groups:

  •  TEC teacher trainers
  •  TEC directors
  •  Primary school teachers
  •  Primary school directors
  •  MoEYS staff

Teacher trainers and teachers will:

  • Upgrade their content knowledge of maths
  • Upgrade their pedagogical skills in primary school maths
  • Integrate the STEM approach into their maths teaching
  • Upgrade their classroom management
  • Deliver differentiated instruction taking the learning difficulties of slow learners into account

TEC and primary school directors will:

  • Strengthen their competences in supporting teaching performance and teachers’ professional development
  • Integrate a gender focus in their colleges and schools
  • Integrate an environment focus in their colleges and schools