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From 29 June until 9 July 2015, three Flemish teacher trainers from Odisee University College visted Phnom Penh. They were invited by the working group mathematics, wich is composed of ministry staff and teacher trainers.

Teacher trainers become actors

During the first week of their visit, Monique Hendrickx, Truus Verstocken and Sara Van den Bulcke supported the development of scripts for video clips on continuing assessment. With help of the working group mathematics, these scripts were role-played. On 8 July, the big day arrived. The working group members became professional actors and the video clips were filmed. In each video clip a teacher can be seen who observes his or her students during class work, identifies misconceptions and addresses them by providing adequate feedback. Ultimately these video clips will be used in the nation-wide training, as to clarify the theory on formative assessment.

Learning by workshops

Besides working on the scripts, the Odisee team facilitated a workshop to the working group members. In the morning they explained how to continuously assess students’ understanding. In the afternoon the focus was on the effective use of teaching aids. This session consisted of a teaching aids fair; an interactive session on 3D shapes; and a measurement circuit, which stimulated cooperative learning. The used teaching aids will be locally produced.

A pleasant visit

The working group was very pleased with the input of the Odisee team. As one participant formulated: “We learnt about new teaching aids and approaches. This will not only inspire our nation-wide training activities, but also the development of the new primary mathematics curriculum."