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This is a manual for lower-secondary school teachers. It contains a wide selection of the most relevant Student Centred Approaches (SCA) for Science teaching in lower secondary schools. The activities are taken from the 3 manuals on SCA for Regional Teacher Training Centres for Secondary Education.

This manual contains 6 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 Developing Active Reading and Writing Skills presents techniques to stimulate strategic reading and writing skills with students in science lessons.
  • Chapter 2 Developing Science Reasoning Skills presents discussion and argumentation techniques for science topics.
  • Chapter 3 Teaching Scientific Method introduces ways to make students familiar with the various stages in the scientific method.
  • Chapter 4 Conceptual Science Teaching focuses on techniques to stimulate conceptual thinking with students.
  • Chapter 5 Models and Analogies introduces techniques and examples of models and analogies in science lessons.
  • Chapter 6 Educational Games explains how to integrate educational games in science lessons and gives a range of examples.

This first edition is published in 2013 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia with the support of VVOB.