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Your wish is my command

On request by the science teacher trainers of Provincial Teacher Training Centre (PTTC) Kratie and mathematics teacher trainers at PTTC Preah Vihear, two support visits took place in August 2015. The teacher trainers requested support on specific topics in their lessons they find difficult. We exchanged some ideas to make the lessons more attractive.

Two expert teacher trainers in science went to PTTC Kratie to support the science teacher trainers and two mathematics expert teacher trainers from PTTC Kampong Cham set out to Preah Vihear.

Just a meeting is not enough

Lesson Study sessions are organized at PTTCs each week. Teacher trainers come together weekly and develop a lesson plan, then teach the lesson, reflect on it, and improve the lesson plan. This cycle helps to improve the quality of the mathematics and science lessons.

But just meeting is not enough. In order to improve the quality of a lesson, new input on content is necessary. This is where the expert teacher trainers came in. They delivered an interactive workshop by demonstrating different easy-to-produce teaching aids in the morning and by offering support during the Lesson Study session in the afternoon.

"I can prepare my lesson, but when I see the lesson plan of my colleagues I really think: that is a great idea, I will try that myself too", says Mr Sambun, one of the science teacher trainers.

Personal Touch

Because the group of participants is small, the atmosphere is very informal. The teacher trainers from Kratie and Preah Vihear have a chance to share what aspects they find difficult. They get answers to their detailed questions of the more experienced colleagues.

By the end of the day phone numbers were exchanged. The teacher trainers built a good relationship so they can feel free to contact each other in the near future again.

Target provinces

In the 2014 – 2016 programme of MoEYS and VVOB, extra support is given to the three target provinces; Stung Treng, Kratie and Preah Vihear. The teacher trainers expressed they find it very useful to exchange ideas with their colleagues. VVOB keeps checking the actual needs at the three target PTTCs in order to organize similar exchange moments, matching expert teacher trainers from another province to support the target provinces. In the near future, we hope that phone numbers will be exchanged again!

More exchange moments are planned for in 2015 and 2016, matching the actual need of the teacher trainers there.