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This manual will explain more clearly which techniques can help to assess students’ understanding of science and identify students’ common misconceptions together with possible ways how to address them in teaching science. This manual explains the importance of formative assessment and elaborates how to integrate these techniques in the real class.

This manual consists of four​​​​ chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Formative assessment explains what continuous assessment is and why it is important
  • Chapter 2: Assessment techniques shows some assessment techniques, which can be used at the end of a lesson or a unit
  • Chapter 3: Concept cartoon consists of simple drawings which put forward a range of viewpoints about the science involved in everyday situations including possible misconceptions
  • Chapter 4: Examples of concept cartoon provides examples of concept cartoons for some lessons in textbooks from grade 4 to 6

This first edition is published in 2016 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.