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After two decades of increased pupil enrolment, the Cambodian education system continues to be hampered by a lack of quality. Students struggle to answer questions that draw on advanced cognitive skills, such as problem solving in mathematics. Developing the quality of teacher instruction holds the key to improved learning achievements.


Primary education teachers apply strengthened teaching, monitoring and follow-up strategies to improve learning outcomes in mathematics and science of all learners.


Strategic partner

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS)

Operational partners

  • Teacher Training Department (TTD)
  • 18 Provincial Teacher Training Centres (PTTCs)


This programme has three result areas.

  • The first result area aims to upgrade pre-service teacher training for mathematics and science at the 18 Provincial Teacher Training Centres (PTTCs). The focus is on strengthening the pedagogical content knowledge of teacher trainers.
  • The programme also upgrades the quality of the teaching practicum at the 18 PTTCs along with the affiliated practice schools. This is done by developing the supervision and mentoring skills of teacher trainers as well as teachers of the practice schools. This way students benefit from improved feedback and guidance during teaching practice.
  • The third result area supports the Teacher Training Department (TTD) and the directors of the PTTCs to pay increased attention to monitoring of teaching quality and planning for better learning outcomes. As such the programme focuses on strengthening the system of quality assurance of pre-service teacher training.

The programme is implemented in two phases.

  • During the first phase (January 2014 till June 2015) the programme develops the capacity of core teams. These teams are appointed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and are composed of specialists within the Ministry and its institutes. During this capacity development the teams ensure the alignment and relevance of the outcomes with and for the Cambodian context.
  • In a second stage (July 2015 till December 2016) the core teams cascade the capacity to target groups on a nation-wide level. This involves workshops as well as consolidation through follow-up visits.

The programme provides additional support to three underprivileged provinces: Kratie, Preah Vihear and Steung Treng.