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Target of the programme

Teachers and head teachers in primary schools make use of appropriate education, monitoring and follow-up strategies to improve the learning outcomes (with an emphasis on mathematics and science) of all pupils.


This programme has three result areas.

  • The first result area focuses on content-specific didactic knowledge in mathematics and science at the 18 provincial teacher training centres. A core team will strengthen the capacity of the lecturers of these centres. Three of the provincial teacher training centres in the north of Cambodia will receive special attention because their needs are higher.
  • A second set of activities improves the teaching internships of the teacher training institutes. The skills of the lecturers to supervise the internships will be further developed. Lecturers are also guided in supporting their student teachers in developing teaching materials to use during their internships. In addition, the teachers of the practice schools are guided to be better mentors for the student teachers who are doing an internship at their schools.
  • In the third result area the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will put more emphasis on planning and monitoring of the quality of teaching for better learning outcomes. VVOB will provide support through the improvement of the skills to work with tools for planning and monitoring and the analysis of collected data.