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Working for VVOB Cambodia can be very challenging and very rewarding at the same time. As a Western foreigner working in an entirely different culture such as Cambodia’s, you need to be open-minded, think outside the box and at times be extremely resourceful. You gather a wealth of experience – not only professionally but also personally – that you will carry around with you for a lifetime. But the same is true if you are Cambodian and choose to work for a Western organisation. You learn how to expand your thinking into what at first may appear to be unusual approaches to tackling the different challenges that your work might throw at you.

At VVOB Cambodia we not only partner with Cambodian institutions, but also with other developing organisations, whether they are from Europe, America or Japan. It’s a truly multi-cultural world where you can expand your professional and personal horizons. We demand high working standards and a strong commitment from our team whom we offer a professional but friendly working environment that provides ample opportunities for career-development.