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VVOB employs more than 120 associates worldwide. Its head office is based in Brussels, with local offices in eight other countries.

VVOB Cambodia

VVOB Cambodia has two offices in Phnom Penh (capital). A field office is located at the Provincial Teacher Training Centre (operational partner) in an outer district of Phnom Penh. The programme office is located in the central district of the capital and is independent from the partner. The latter office is near the strategic partner and development partners.


The programmes of VVOB are systematically connected to the policy plans of the local governments in our partner countries. More concretely, we work together with the Ministry of Education, pedagogical services, institutes for teacher training and quality supporting institutions (overseeing and guiding institutions, etc.) instead of working directly with the pupils. Through this approach we primarily reach school management, lecturers, teachers and supporting staff. Indirectly we reach the student teachers, parents and school communities.

Capacity Development

Our approach is based on developing the capacity of our partner institutions. We do not carry out the educational programmes. This way, they can choose their own course of action and be responsible for carrying out their plans. To reach this goal, we offer technical assistance through our professional local and expatriate staff.

Support, Coaching and Guidance

VVOB aims at developing relevant learning content, improving teaching methods, providing a healthy learning environment and supporting educational policies concerning planning and organisation. In other words, our focus is the broad learning environment of the school. But we do not support it directly as we operate mainly on a higher level: sometimes on the macro level (e.g. at the Ministry of Education), but most of the time on the meso level (e.g. in teacher training centres). We engage in a long-term process in which VVOB supports, coaches and guides.

Task Forces

Within the different result areas of the current VVOB Cambodia programme we work with task forces consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (Teacher Training Department, the Primary Education Department and Curriculum Development Department), Provincial Teacher Training Centres and Provincial Offices of Education.
Task forces build their own capacity first to then strengthen the quality of teaching that takes place at the Teacher Training Centres through school directors, teacher trainers and primary school teachers.