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Teaching for improved gender equality and responsiveness means that teachers and school leaders are aware of gender challenges in the education system and are equipped to overcome and/or counter those challenges, as well as to create a (more) gender aware climate in their classrooms and schools. Gender-responsive teachers and school leaders provide all learners the opportunity to develop their own talents, irrespective of gender stereotypes.


To develop and or strengthen teachers’ and school leaders’ understanding of gender responsiveness and to provide tools and strategies to establish a gender responsive school climate, the TIGER project developed an Action Guide on gender-responsive education.


The flip-over Action Guide consist of a booklet for school management (one side) and a booklet for teachers (other side). Each side of the booklet contains chapters relevant to the target group. These two sides share the same introductory part, which provides basic knowledge on gender and school-related gender-based violence. The booklet for school management focuses on gender-responsive school leadership and parental/community involvement. The booklet for teachers provides guidelines and tools to implement gender-responsive teaching into their classroom. The document has been endorsed by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.