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This book can be used by teacher trainers, student teachers and teachers in primary education. It is to stimulate the creativity of teachers in producing and using teaching aids in order to improve students’ understanding of mathematics. This book can be used to:

  • produce teaching aids in primary lessons
  • apply the use of teaching aids into lessons related to number, calculation, measurement and geometry

The book consists of 3 chapters.

Chapter 1: Introduction to teaching aids explains why the use of teaching aids is important and when they should be used in teaching which aims at increasing understanding of mathematics concepts.

Chapter 2: Numbers and calculation presents how to produce and use 11 teacher materials for lessons on numbers and calculation with links to primary textbooks

Chapter 3: Measurement and geometry focuses on how to produce and use seven teaching materials for lessons on measurement and geometry with links to primary textbooks.

This first edition is published in 2016 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.