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This manual focuses on formative assessment techniques which to be used by different stakeholders. Teacher trainers can use it in two ways. They can integrate the techniques in their own lessons, and they can also teach student teachers about assessment as part of their lessons on learner-centered methodology. Student teachers can use the booklet during practicum and for research purposes. Furthermore, this manual is ideally suited to be used by model teachers in primary schools as a reference book.

The chapters in this booklet will clarify the importance of formative assessment and how to put it in practice. This manual therefore consists of 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Importance of assessment explains why teachers should continuously assess their students
  • Chapter 2: Assessment by all involved clarifies how all parties play a role in assessment: teacher, students and peers
  • Chapter 3: Assessment during learning process demonstrates how formative assessment can be integrated in each phase of a lesson
  • Chapter 4: Assessment techniques indicates how to use seven formative assessment techniques with links to primary textbooks
  • Chapter 5: Supporting students explains how to support slow learners​ in mathematics

This first edition is published in 2016 by the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.