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Our current programmes:


What we stand for

Education for Development

The world we live in changes constantly. Requirements in development change along. At VVOB we believe that our development policy has to adapt accordingly. Being a relatively small player on the world stage we are able to respond rapidly to the evolving requirements of our development partners.
With our programmes we have chosen to contribute to development and poverty reduction via education. We do that through training and by increasing the quality of education. VVOB’s approach on this is unequivocal: strengthening the capacity of local structures. 

Development that lasts

VVOB does not carry out its programmes on its own. They are managed by our Cambodian partners who keep the responsibility of implementing their plans with our assistance. It’s an approach that ensures that ownership and accountability have meaning. We therefore offer technical assistance aimed at facilitating the acquisition of capacity by our Cambodian partners, both at individual and institutional level.

Building awareness at home

“Sustainable solutions; meso-level approach; structural cooperation; substantive, supportive and strategic objectives...”
The language used in the world of international development oftentimes tends to lean towards the abstract. At least, through the eyes of the public whose support and interest is needed. To bridge this gap, we aim to broaden awareness at home and increase solidarity between individuals and peoples. Therefore, by launching its SchoolLinks and Traineeship programmes, VVOB is giving development work a tangible face.